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He said: “It is a natural human instinct to comfort a distressed child, to hold out a hand if they fall, to reassure them if they are crying; physical contact is an important part of that.” "The blanket 'no contact' approach being taken by some nurseries is extraordinary and alarming; there is increasingly strong evidence to suggest that a lack of emotional support and physical reassurance from parents and carers during the early years can be damaging to a child's health, wellbeing, and future life chances,” Dr Poulter said.

The findings of the investigation by uk, a guide to nursery schools, are likely to reopen the debate about the quality of childcare in Britain and about whether nurseries are the best place to bring up children.

In 1987 Daphne Caruana Galizia’s voice started resonating more than others. There are no words harsh enough to condemn the taking of her life with such violence. Therefore, we all must make sure that no abuse in whichever manner goes undetected.

Such a brutal act instills a sense of vengeance within the community. We should have means and protection to do so with confidence. Investigative journalism is essential for democracy. Journalists have a mission which takes them beyond what is accessible, have the courage to expose the facts and the willingness to put themselves out there for everyone else to know what they live to discover.

"Of course it is right for nurseries to properly vet the backgrounds of all staff looking after children, but comforting a child that has hurt itself is part and parcel of good child care,” The policy of Twinkle Star Day Nursery in Portsmouth says: “Children are encouraged to be independent; therefore prolonged periods of cuddling and sitting on practitioners’ laps is discouraged.The First Aid course is recognized by The Malta Qualifications Council, and by local Occupational Health & Safety Regulations.For booking and registration kindly phone NCW Centre on 21248881 or 99291936 Humanity of Human Embryo The Health Parliamentary Secretariat has announced it will be "evaluating IVF legislation within the context of outcomes of current regulations, new local legislation involving various sectors of the Maltese community and recent judgments of the European Court of Human Rights".They, like all others who are carrying out their duty, should feel safe and protected.Date: Wednesday 8th March 2017 Venue: Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Republic Street, Valletta NCW President Mary Gaerty and the Executive Committee Members in collaboration with H. Mrs Julienne Hince, the Australian High Commissioner and the Anna Lindh Foundation President Mrs Elisabeth Guigou, organised a roundtable discussion, which took place on Wednesday 8th March 2017 at the Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Republic Street, Valletta at 16.00hrs to 18.00hrs.

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