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An English speaker has to adapt or be misunderstood.When I told a man on the anglophone side of Cameroon that I liked his “pants,” I rightfully got a puzzled look. What I have discovered is that grammar is by nature descriptive, not prescriptive.“Thank you for calling Merchant Services, my name is Dave, WITH WHOM do I have the pleasure of speaking?” I could, and probably do, chant this introduction in my sleep.

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Il ne l’est plus, si l’on adopte la définition barthésienne du texte comme productivité.

The hauntology is a “category […] irreducible, and first of all to everything it makes possible: ontology, theology, positive or negative onto-theology”, Jacques Derrida writes (Specters of Marx, tr. It is an ontology, the ontology of the being of non-being and the non-being of being, of something which, or someone who “is not there”, “like any ghost worthy of the name ».

(Ibid.) “There is no Dasein of the specter, but there is no Dasein without the uncanniness, without the strange familiarity (Unheimlichkeit) of some specter.” There is no ontology, thus, without any hauntology. , we are already saying that the text is something, something of which we feel that it is not just a thing.

Abstract : Hauntology – a compound term created by Jacques Derrida – means the “Ontology (that is to say, the science of being) of what “haunts”: specters, ghosts” (Charles Ramond, The Vocabulary of Jacques Derrida).

The Derridean neologism is a paronomasia, the paronym of a word – ontology – of which it is not a synonym.

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