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He was clearly uncomfortable with the fact that I had a very well-paying job at the time while he was a veritable pauper as he had no job.I’d still give him an ‘A’ for effort – he tried to give me everything he assumed I was used to – expensive gifts, fancy dinners and all.

Why do more men chase after and go for the less than intellectual women around while the intelligent ones relegated to second or third options?In the end he could not keep it up and maybe I failed to get it across that it was him I was interested in and not what he could give me.Have you ever felt small and undeserving and worthless?Just going in to a vacation with the whole family and we are required to be off with our online life! I know this will be a fun Christmas vacation 🙂 Keep Safe, If you are a woman, aiming for a higher than average education level just about kills your chances at dating – and this I say from personal experience.Even while in college I found many normally adventurous guys were intimidated once they learned that I was taking up my Ph D in Education.

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