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For decades, anti-communism was the glue that held together the diverse factions of the Right.

The specter of nuclear war with the Soviet boogeyman ensured that foreign policy took precedence over domestic policy in the United States.

America was overwhelmingly White and was rich and naive enough to be more generous on race.

It took decades for neo-liberalism and globalization to take its toll on the middle class.

The benefits of the economic growth of the last twenty years have accrued to only the upper class.

There was this naive mindset at the time that America could do anything.This is how we got the War on Racism, the War on Drugs and the War on Poverty.In retrospect, this was an unusual period in American history when the mass media had been concentrated in a few hands and was trusted because journalists were considered to be objective.After chatting with Brett Stevens on Twitter, this is my attempt to move beyond the recent tiff and explain why White Nationalism 1.0 failed and how the Alt-Right is moving beyond that now.I’ve outlined the external and internal factors that held the movement back: The Cold War with the Soviet Union that was the driving force behind many of these undesirable racial and cultural changes in the West.

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