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Once you start college, not much changes except your college application is now your résumé, and your résumé is now your life. Your internship at the local newsletter can get you an internship at the local newspaper, which can get you an internship at a bigger name. Unless you took credits in high school that count toward graduation, you still have to take general arts and sciences classes. Get them over with early so you have space for fun electives later.3. So start knowing people: Get to know your professors, since they've probably worked at publications that could give you an internship or job. Employers will be interested in you if they can tell that you're interested in them.5. That's why you'll see such a variety of courses on your curriculum.No internship is beneath you — in fact, you'll probably get bigger responsibilities at smaller publications. Make your own business cards and go to networking events. To get hired, you need to understand all aspects of what makes a good story: photos, videos, graphics, and more.

He got on one knee." Markle could barely let Prince Harry finish proposing before saying yes.“I was like, ‘Can I say yes now?"Now it’s time to work as a team with you," she said, looking straight at Harry.Harry on asking Markle to give up acting and her life in the U. and Toronto to be with him: "That sense of responsibility was essentially day one or a couple of months when I realized I know that I’m in love with this girl," he said."[I told her,] what you’re letting yourself in for is a big deal.I did not have any understanding of what it’d be like," Markle said."I tried to warn you as much as possible, but I think both of us were totally surprised by the reaction after the first five or six months we had to ourselves," Harry said.On their relationship suddenly appearing in the tabloids: "There’s a misconception that because I worked in the entertainment industry this is something I’d be familiar with," Markle said.

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