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Assuming by the time the pain started again, I`d try to come home. I might be able to quit and all that ended up was I was in jail in Tijuana covered in blood. I`m asked to speak and I speak in front of the youth a lot. BECK: Is there anyone who has reached -- I`ve got to tell you, we tried to get David Cassidy on today`s show.

I was in so much pain in my face, and I knew I couldn`t qui. I took two gram bottles and filled them with half a gram of cocaine each, then the rest with water, shook them up, twisted them up into my nose, stood on my head until my face went numb and then drove to Mexico. BECK: I -- I -- because I speak about my pivot points. And a lot of people will say to me, you know, "Gosh, you know, youth will have a hard time, because you`re successful. Don`t glorify drugs." And I wish I could give the talk standing next to you. I know exactly what you mean but there are people -- when I shot "Breaking Bonaduce" and it -- I can`t imagine anybody saying that glorifies anything. I have no conscience or depth or soul in that show.

I don`t even drink." I was in a bottle within three years.

BONADUCE: I went to rehab in 1989, I believe, to get off cocaine, and it was successful. And they said, "But you can`t drink." And I said, "I don`t drink." And they said, "Oh, no, you`re an alcoholic." I said, "No, I`m not. I think I started drinking on the set of the party -- at a Christmas party or a wrap party. But to be specific as to when I became the poster boy...

And you`re going on about World War III, and it`s the end of the world. And my daughter flips up: "Oh my God, we are all going to die." And I said, "No, honey, this guy is not a journalist. BONADUCE: "Glenn Beck is just a lot like daddy." BECK: Right.

We used to watch "Spongebob" together, and one night, I was watching "The Glenn Beck Show", as I almost always do, and she walks in and she`s 5 years old.

BECK: Are you -- are you -- I don`t even want to go down this road.

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BONADUCE: I first had sex -- my first sexual encounter, and I`m eternal grateful, was to a David Cassidy cast off.

I said, "You know that time daddy said on the radio that all redheaded Americans should be entitled to 14 wives?

He`s a thinker." Because I watch your show all the time. BONADUCE: The second I said that, you look into the camera and go, "Listen, I`m not a journalist. BONADUCE: So my daughter thinks we`re, like, in simpatico. BONADUCE: So once she gets that, it`s like I made a reference I`m not sure she`d understand.

DONNY BONADUCE, ACTOR: It was not being on television that screwed up my life.

BECK: He`s Danny Bonaduce, and we have him tonight for the full hour.

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