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Adjoining this wall was a pavement made from 'opus signinum', a building material used in ancient Rome.

The site is covered with charred roof beams and fragments of wall plaster and murals caused by the building's collapse.

Among the artefacts found were numerous small glass bottles.

Scroll down for video A Roman perfume shop and an ancient Visigoth burial site have been uncovered in Spain.The Visigoths were a branch of East Germainic Goths that spread throughout Europe towards the end of the Roman Empire.It is not yet know if the grave, which was unmarked, was an isolated burial or part of a bigger site.Archaeologist in charge of the works Maria Luis Serrano Marcos and anthropologist Llorens Alapont Martin are overseeing the project under the supervision of the Valencia city council.Excavations started in early November and will last for at least another month, they said.

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