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” You might pose the same question about the rom-com; these are perilous times for one of Hollywood’s richest and most reliable genres. The old trope of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl — a love story promising permanence — seems utterly out of sync with an age when boy and girl meet online, hook up in college, never need marry and, if they do, have a 50% chance of getting a no-fault divorce.

They work away at it for three hours — apparently Jay has impressive powers of recuperation — and have a great, refreshing time.) Whatever the reason, no period in film history has been so rich in actresses primed to play romantic comedy and so poor in the quality of the movies they have to make.Veteran beguilers like Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Diaz, and more recent stars like Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Katherine Heigl, Kate Hudson, Amy Adams, Elizabeth Banks and Emma Stone all boast deft line-reading skills and high adorability quotients, yet most of their rom-coms stink.Your watch tells you that the film lasts 95 minutes; your sinking spirit says it’s at least as long as Jay and Annie’s porn epic — without the redeeming prurient interest. And that’s the oddest element of this latest demonstration that the romantic comedy is a fatally endangered species. Jay and Annie’s film, which they decide to make on a whim one night in an attempt to jump-start their near-sexless decadelong marriage, includes some bold cinematographic choices: Though we first see Jay setting up a stationary i Pad to record the action, later shots appear to be framed from varying close-up angles, suggesting either the presence of a third-party camera operator or some world-class selfie-framing.

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