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This woman, who despises him more intensely that he ever thought would be possible, will be responsible for keeping the name of ‘Walter White’ alive.The line has such weight not just because of the innate shock value of somebody saying “I want you to get cancer”, but also because it’s been a year in the making (or four years, if you’re operating in real-world years – and why would you? It’s the time that gets you – only a year ago, Skylar was a loving, committed wife and mother; now, she’s someone who is clenching her fists and physically willing cancer to grow on her husband and kill him off so she can finally be free of him.But to me she’s always been solid, and she is outright brilliant in , conveying the desperation of the victim of an emotionally abusive relationship with shattering conviction and clarity.

the large-scale chess game, with everybody in their respective lives as pawns – she’s going to get creamed. She heartbreakingly admits herself she doesn’t have Walt’s ‘genius’ when it comes to intellectual warfare, before hitting him with a line more brutal than any act of violence we’ve seen so far – she’s waiting for the cancer to come back.Marie agrees, responding to Walt noting a year has passed since his diagnosis with a knowing “Seems like longer, doesn’t it?” The line works as a funny bit of meta-commentary on behalf of the showrunners, but it’s also quietly brutal in its pithy assessment of the hell these characters have been pulled into.As this most dysfunctional of families sits round the table and eat Skylar’s torturously prepared meal of chicken and potatoes while exchanging equally torturous small-talk, each hiding secrets of varying magnitude from everyone else at the table, the damage inflicted by Walt’s escapades over the past year is plain to see, both physically and emotionally.The cumulative effect of all of this emotional trauma clearly weighs heavily on all of them as they struggle to hold even the most basic of conversations; except for Walt, of course, who seizes the opportunity of the birthday spotlight to launch into a self-aggrandizing speech laden with faux-humility and grace.

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