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The war was followed by a great disillusion, which influenced all societies touched by the war.Beside disillusion, death and despair, World War I left a variety films.Filming the Great War started in tandem with the outbreak of the fighting.While newsreels and documentaries made during the war, and shortly after aimed at mobilizing the people and awakening and strengthening their patriotism, a new phase in remembering and screening the war came in the second half of the 20 century.This film is about the Battle of Cer (August 1914) and underlines the heroic struggle of the small Serbian Army fighting and beating its stronger Austro-Hungarian enemy.

Thanks to them, some footage of the defense of Belgrade in 1914 was preserved in Pathé Journal and Les Annales de la Guerre.

Films covered in this analysis are from the beginnings of World War I, the inter-war period, and also from 1945 to the present.

century, World War I, left behind millions of dead, injured, and a huge scale of destruction.

From that point on, two parallel stories develop: one follows a young soldier and his war destiny, while the other deals with the life of the ordinary people under occupation, focusing on the miseries that the war brought.

The closing scene set in a cemetery full of crosses, where the soldier explains to his son, “when you grow up, you will understand,” expresses the sense of tragedy and the nonsense of war.

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